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Maya Kirstein and Annie Vallatini are working to raise money for Save a Childs's Heart as they build an inviting and thriving club at Holliston High School in hope of working toward a bigger cause. 

For fomorr info reach out to Maya Kirstein at

“SAVE A CHILD'S HEART saves the lives of critically ill children suffering from heart disease in countries where access to pediatric heart care is limited or nonexistent. Through bringing children to Israel for medical care, performing missions abroad, and training medical personnel, we are bringing hope to families,  communities, and countries. As ISRAEL'S PREEMINENT HUMANITARIAN ORGANIZATION, we are transforming pediatric cardiac care around the world.”

Photo by Stephen Corrou

Senior Center Bench Renovation

Stephen Corrou, Eagle Scout

This was the completion of my tenure in Boy Scouts, one last project to end the twelve years I had spent: hiking, camping, and learning. Doing something for the Holliston Senior was not the first thing to cross my mind but after looking around town for awhile, my father suggested the senior center; it was the place I began my scouting career after all. We went over on a Saturday morning and perused the grounds, looking for a place where we could help. I noticed some crooked benches and broken pavers, both hazards for anyone willing to go near. This is where I came up with my project: I would create a space outside for the seniors to enjoy. I placed new wood two-by-fours on freshly cleaned cement stands; these were the two benches that this new outdoor space would be based around. Some hosta, mulch and a new walking path were the next steps in this project’s journey. The most extensive job was clearing the brush behind the outdoor area, taking nearly a full day of work to give the area the natural light that it deserved. After two full days, we were complete and the seniors had a new spot to enjoy the outside. I look forward to keeping up maintenance on this space, mostly to see the smiling faces of the seniors who choose to sit outside.

Photos by St. Mary’s Mission Group

Mission in Mississippi

Owen Simpson, St. Mary’s Catholic Church

This summer I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Gulfport, Mississippi dedicating time to helping the community. Going into this St. Mary’s Mission Trip, I was unsure of what to expect. I didn’t know what type of volunteering I would be doing, what the place we were staying at would be like, or the kind of atmosphere that the Mission Trip team would create. The trip turned out to be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.

The trip began with each person being assigned to a van group that they would spend the week working with. This was a great way to build a bond with people that you usually don’t interact with or know well. Throughout the week we played games within our vans and were able to help each other with projects at worksites we were assigned.

My van was given the task of working at Mr. Willy’s house, an older man suffering from diabetes that would soon confine him to a wheelchair. Along with another van, we spent the week building a new ramp so he could enter his house, repainting the old exterior, and putting in new floor tiles. It felt great helping out someone in the community that was in need but the best part was seeing how thankful he was. He could not believe the difference we made refurbishing the house and how his life would be made much easier with a new ramp. At the end of the week, Mr. Willy, along with the people that other vans helped, came for a group wide dinner. Learning about the difficulty that these people face in their everyday lives was really eye opening and made me truly appreciate living in the town of Holliston.

Each day after finishing helping those in the community, we would return to the retreat center. This turned out to be one of the most memorable parts of the trip. The organizers of Repair and Replenish put a ton of time and effort into making sure we would get the best experience. The meals were delicious and were clearly well organized, the games that we played were extremely competitive, and getting to learn about people that you may see in the halls but not talk to was great. Even spending time with people you already knew led to further developed relationships.

A special part of the trip for everyone was beginning each morning with Mass. This was a great way for everyone to grow in faith and learn lessons that would carry on with us for the rest of the day. We would also talk about in whom or where we saw Jesus each day. Many people in Mississippi talked about how they have used their faith to get them through hard times and encouraged us to continue to believe and do God’s work.

Overall, the Mission Trip was a great experience. I recommend to anyone that is considering the trip to go next year. Everyone enjoys it and the feeling of helping those in need while building your faith is unlike any other. I will definitely be going again next summer! I also invite you to TGIF, our High School Youth Group that will be organizing the 2023 Mississippi Mission Trip.


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