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Addiction and Recovery

Holliston Drug & Alcohol Awareness Coalition 

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The mission of the Holliston Drug & Alcohol Awareness Coalition is to create a strong an healthy community where we've changed the social norms, expelled stigmas, and minimized the impact of substance misuse. HDAAC strives to foster communication, community collaboration and opportunities for members that promote and sustain drug-free and healthy living in a trusting, non-judgemental environment. For more information or to get involved, please reach out by emailing
If you, a loved one, or a Holliston neighbor are struggling with drug or alcohol problems, the Holliston Police Department will work with you confidentially and discretely send over a team of specialists who will come to the house of the Holliston resident and provide your family with help. A licensed mental health counselor accompanied by plain-clothed Holliston community officer to offer your family support, advice, and resources for how to access life-saving medically assisted treatment, rehabilitation, or just support about how to handle a family member or friend at home struggling with addiction.
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